Naturally to be at one’s best – this philosophy stands for a system that defines our self-image and stands for our high aspiration to product and service excellence. For you we are always on the search for distinction.


For you we forgo interim storage! Fruvital products are shipped directly out of production and immediately processed further in order to make them available to your customers via the fastest delivery.

Daily of highest quality.

Our national procurement logistics sees to it that as much of our products arrive at your premises every day as is needed so that you can operate with the least amount of surplus stock.


We receive across our comprehensive regional as well as national network all products directly from our regional and international grower operations. That is how we can offer you a maximum in product quality and transparency.

Customized to the pace of the times.

Always offer your customers the products that they want. We develop products with you that fit your requirements perfectly.

Sustainable and safe.

We count on short channels because those save resources and at the same time, ensure a continuous source of supply.
Product safety is of the highest priority to us – that is why, of course, all our producers are at least Global Gap certified. That is how we always know where our products come from, since with us, every product has a face.